Mining the Records of Dictators and Terrorists – Saddam Hussein Tapes and Osama bin Ladin Diaries

Mining the Records of Dictators and Terrorists – Saddam Hussein Tapes and Osama bin Ladin Diaries: A Presentation by the Conflict Records Research Center, Institute of National Strategic Studies, Washington, D.C. Fri 16 Nov, 11am- Noon, Norlin Commons E113. Sponsored by Archives and Special Collections.

Lorry M. Fenner, Director of the Conflict Records Research Center (CRRC) at the Institute of National Strategic Studies in Washington, D.C., will discuss the history, current operations, and research of the CRRC, a digital archive consisting of digital copies of captured Saddam Hussein-era, al Qaeda, and Taliban records from the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and how scholars can access the documents.  The original documents were captured by U.S. mobile collection and exploitation teams for intelligence exploitation. To date, the center has available for researchers 38,000 pages of translated text and 150 hours of audio (including portions of Saddam Hussein’s taped leadership meetings).  Dr. Fenner will be joined by Christopher Alkhoury, Research Analyst and specialist on the Saddam Hussein Collection (and Arabic capable) and Stephanie Glass, Research Analyst/Digital Archivist.

University Libraries Archives has the digital database to the 1991 Anfal genocide collection, documents seized by Kurdish dissident forces in March 1991 immediately following the First Gulf War and transferred by the U.S. military to American soil for safe storage, intelligence exploitation, and use in a possible genocide case: The CRRC holds digital copies of captured documents during the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan:

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