Oh, those piano rags!

Fuzzy Wuzzy cover

The Howard B. Waltz Music Library has recently added a selection of piano rags to the University of Colorado Digital Sheet Music Collection. These 56 pieces, chosen from the Music Library’s large physical collection of sheet music, include a variety of works, such as the Brain-Storm Rag, the Gun-Cotton Rag, and the Georgia Giggle.

Piano rags were all the rage in the opening decades of the twentieth century. While Scott Joplin and many of his ragtime pieces are still known today, the majority of rags have fallen into obscurity as musical tastes changed.

For those that do not play piano, the illustrated covers of these pieces are interesting for the insights they provide into the society and culture of the time.

To see these and other piano rags in the Digital Sheet Music Collection, perform a subject search on Piano music (ragtime) in Chinook, the library’s catalog. Or just browse the collection!

The University of Colorado Digital Sheet Music Collection continues to grow as we discover interesting materials to add. Be sure to check back for future updates!

For more information on our digital or print collections, contact the Music Library.

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