Art Show; “The Call of Spirit and Family / La LLamada del Espiritu y de la Familia”

“The Call of Spirit and Family / La LLamada del Espiritu y de la Familia”

“In these paintings, I explore the rich colors and pious spiritual motifs of my own Mexican-American heritage, adapting the traditional forms and using them as a vehicle for my own family’s narrative.” Netanel Miles-Yépez

This clip is from the piece “Margarita con el Nino/Margarita with Child” (Oil on Plywood, 33 1/2” x 19”, 2011): “…basically an hommage to my abuelita, my sweet grandmother, who helped to raise me. It is a tribute to her spirit, which was full of courage and zest for life. I put her in a context here that suggests the beloved Mexican image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, thus bringing out an intentional contrast between the fully embodied Mexican woman—who is often not reserved and quiet like the idealized Virgen—but spirited and full of life! The fragrant Stargazer Lilies in her hair and on her shoes, which remind me so much of Mexico, suggest the same vibrancy to me. The child below her feet is me—in some sense, her child as well—and stands in place of the traditional cherub-like figure often seen in depictions of the Virgin.” Netanel Miles-Yépez

Miles-Yépez is a local Mexican-American artist, writer and teacher of contemporary spirituality. After learning that he was descended from a Mexican family of crypto-Jews, Netanel began his life-long study of the history of religions and studied contemplative religion at Naropa, moving to Boulder in 1998 to study directly with the famous teacher of Jewish mysticism and leader in ecumenical dialogue, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, as well as various other spiritual teachers, including the Father Thomas Keatingt. Miles-Yépez writes, lectures, and publishes books on art, religion and mystical traditions, including: A Heart Afire: Stories and Teachings of the Early Hasidic Masters (2009), A Hidden Light: Stories and Teachings of Early HaBaD and Bratzlav Hasidism (2011), The Common Heart: An Experience of Interreligious Dialogue (2006), and Meditations for InterSpiritual Practice (2011).


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